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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

February 11, 2020 at 12:45 by Selim Koch

I will try to give multiple definitions for Search Engine Optimization, so you can have different perspectives.

Definition [1] Search engine optimization is optimizing your website according to search engine's rules both technically, and content-wise.

It is believed that Google uses 200 different rules to rank sites. You can find many different sources about what are those 200 rules, but in general, all are just guesses as some rule today may be replaced by a new one by Google in their next update. Google does 3-4 core updates in every year, so being up to date is important. That's why Globaliser is important, it is not set once and forget game, rather you can get ahead of competition with Globaliser.

Definition [2] Search Engine Optimization includes both the things that is done on your site and outside of your site. In other words, on-site and off-site things to rank better on search engines.

  • On-site SEO: Short answer, your website content and your website's technical evaluation.
  • Off-site SEO: Short answer, links or mentions your website gets on other websites.

Definition [3] It is all about creating better websites for your target audiences.

We take 3rd definition as base for our Globaliser service. We team with you to create better websites than your rivals.

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