International SEO for a Manufacturer Case Study

Istanbul Machine is manufacturer and exporter in machining industry that was looking for to get leads globally for their custom made products. Company is exporting to the U.S., Latin American Countries, Europe, Former CIS Countries and the Middle East.

Manufacturer SEO Rankings

Quality over Quantity is important for B2B Business

Company enjoys high quality leads globally from industry leader factories, other manufacturers and importers. Which incluedes world leader steel manufacturing factories or engineering design companies from Europe. Some lead surpasses 500,000$+ for single inquiry requests

Test Live Results on Google Now!

Open your favourite browser and check on Google for the keywords below: (sometimes Google may only show on images part at the top of the search results)

  • eaf roof
  • ebt furnace
  • lower shell
  • tundish car
Manufacturer SEO


Negative SEO Protection

As the rival companies are from other developing countries, the number of negative SEO attempts are quite high for this project.

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