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COCORO Offices

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starts seo case study
STARTS Corporation is a Japanese Holding that has 80+ Group Companies and about 8000 employees , and 37 offices globally .
COCORO is their serviced office brand operating in overseas to serve only Japanese companies in early development of establishing overseas offices.
cocoro international seo project
COCORO Istanbul office their first trial to have Japanese only multinational clients. As Turkey's Foreign Direct Investments are coming mostly from U.K. and Germany, the project was to get top of search engines in those countries.


STARTS Corporation stopped their Turkey operations after coup attempt in 2016, the project was our milestone project to develop Globaliser core. So we will publish old data related to the project, but if you would like to see real-time references, please check our other case studies e.g. Dentistry Turkey or Istanbul Machine .

Project Milestones

Project started with focusing on only serviced office service in English language, later Turkish language and additional services are also added to project scope.

Targeting Serviced Office Terms for U.K., Germany and Europe

At the project start, Cocoro was only targeting clients who look for premium serviced office service at the center of Istanbul, Levent. Later as competition gets higher, in terms of a business development point of view, virtual office and shared office services are added to project scope.

Domain Migration

During brand registration of Cocoro, address is used for the website, later the site moved to its own domain without having any issues. Domain migrations are quite troublesome and risky, traffic and time loss is possible if not handled properly.

control panel
Turkish Language Addition

During the project, we found out some companies firstly employs a Turkish personnel before starting their operations in Turkey. So targeting only English searches was logical but lacking some clients. So Turkish language targeting is also added to project scope.

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