Everything You Need to Know About Google Knowledge Panel

Everything You Need to Know About Google Knowledge Panel
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When searching for a keyword on Google, sometimes the result page shows a box on the top containing brief information about the subject. That box is the Google Knowledge Panel. The panel could cover various entities such as notable people, organizations, companies, businesses, places, and even fictional characters. Google Knowledge Panel is different from Google My Business, a box containing basic information about a business. 


Can It Benefit Business?

Having a special panel is much more beneficial than appearing as the top organic result on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). People don't have to click anything to acknowledge your entity. They will get the key information instantly. And if those are not enough, there is always a button that leads to your website.


Even better, people will have stronger trust in you. The panel looks convincing and credible. Psychologically, the information mentioned in the box seems to be legit. In a conclusion, you can pretty much expect a boost in your conversion rate if your business entity has a Google Knowledge Panel.

How Does It Work?

Google has a complex system called Google Knowledge Graph. It reads and analyzes all the data about certain entities. This system is the one that decides whether an entity is worth a Knowledge Panel. The whole process is automatic generation. In general, the rules include:


  • Many credible resources explain the subject
  • Many people are searching about the subject
  • Google sees that a knowledge panel will be helpful for the internet users

Getting Recognized by Google Knowledge Graph

Technically, only Google gets to decide either to feature your entity or not. There is no way to negotiate or pay them to give you a panel as you wish. To keep the credibility of the panels, Google is highly selective of its resources. But, you can try a few tips to get featured.


Here are some tips to improve your chance of getting a Google Knowledge Panel for your entity:


  1. Get An Information Home for the Entity You Represent

You need a credible web page to contain all the information about your entity. The page should focus on a specific subject. This way, Google can find your data and compose it into a panel.


The two best options are Wikipedia and your self-established website. Those are where the Google Knowledge Panel mostly takes their information from. There are also other websites that Google Knowledge Graph determines as trustworthy enough.


  • Wikipedia

Anyone can submit a draft to Wikipedia, but getting approved for publication is another challenge. Wikipedia has an extensive team of verification to see the validity of your submission. Therefore, getting your information published on Wikipedia is more difficult than doing it on your website. However, once you get published, your chance of getting recognized by Google Knowledge Graph will be much higher.


  • Your Website

Developing a website for your business gives you more freedom on how to arrange it. Also, you can publish the page anytime without getting hassled by the verification process. The most effective way to do this is by writing the whole information on the "About Us" section. However, your chance is lower compared to using Wikipedia as your home entity.


  • Other Websites

Google also takes many other websites into account. It works like confirmations, strengthening the validity of the facts you stated on your entity home. The more websites mentioning about the entity you represent, the higher your chance of getting approved for a panel. 



  1. State the Facts
  2. Because Google Knowledge Graph generates the panels automatically, you must be careful in arranging your information page. It should be neat and straightforward enough to allow the algorithm to understand it. Make sure all of your facts are factual and accountable. 



  3. Utilize A Schema Markup
  4. Schema markup will translate your information page to the digital language that Google can understand more easily. This step will boost your chance to get your entity acknowledged. To make it even more convincing, try including links to websites that mentioned your entity. 



  5. Get Active on Social Media
  6. Having social media accounts on multiple platforms will boost your existence in the internet world. Make sure your account names are similar to your entity name so Google can recognize them easily. If you end up getting a panel, your social media account will appear on it as well.

Claiming Your Panel

If Google recognizes your entity as panel-worthy, you will see it appear on the SERP when searching the keyword. The next step is to claim the panel, so you can acquire permission to manage and edit the panel. Here is how to claim:


  • Create a Google account or login if you already have one.
  • Search the entity you represent and see if there is a Google Knowledge Panel on the top right.
  • Scroll down and click "Claim This Knowledge Panel"


Claiming a panel doesn't guarantee you get your right of that panel. Google needs to check on other things as well to see if you are the right person who has the right to the entity. 


Managing Your Panel

To make managing your panel easier, you can assign someone to do it for you. Google allows verified owners of the panel to invite other people to co-manage the panel. You can set the permission level and status on how far they can manage. Later in the future, you can also transfer the ownership of the entity if you are no longer in charge of the said entity.


However, even after gaining a claim of the panel, you don't get full control of the existence of the panel. Depending on its algorithm, Google may delete the panel in the future. Maintaining the credibility of the information sources is vital to prevent it from happening.


Having a Google Knowledge Panel sounds like an excellent way to get your business recognized and growing. However, this is not something you can manipulate or take a shortcut route. Besides making an effort, you also need to have patience because there is no set time you will eventually get the panel for your entity.