Effective Tricks to Boost SEO on Bing

Effective Tricks to Boost SEO on Bing
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It is inarguably correct to say that improving SEO on Google is important. Anyone who wants to improve their internet marketing will pay so much attention to this aspect that they might even hire professionals to get it done optimally. However, not many people consider it important to pay attention to other search engines, including Bing. Some people might even laugh at the idea of making efforts for Bing SEO.

Yet if we take a look at the facts and statistics, you can see that Bing has the potential to benefit your business as well, especially on the aspect of internet marketing. The platform has an even larger potential in the future to help you generate more traffic and leads on your website.

A Little Bit About Bing

Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft. Although it just got popular lately, it is not a new product. It is a redeveloped version of the company's search engine. Before Bing, the search engine barely even had users. The only reason it never died out is sole because it belongs to Microsoft.

Microsoft has rebranded its search engine several times, starting with MSN Search, Windows Live Search, Live Search, and Bing. The company launched Bing in 2009 and later in 2020 rebranded it again as Microsoft Bing. However, people are already stuck with the simple term "Bing".

The word "Bing" itself has multiple meanings, instead of just being catchy and easy to pronounce. First, its roots in the term "Bingo", which people usually say when they find something they search for or when they come up with a creative idea to share.

Why Should You Do Bing SEO?

Thanks to its major upgrade, the Microsoft-owned search engine started to gain popularity since relaunched as Bing. People have started using Bing voluntarily. Many of them found the platform most convenient and satisfying, which was never the case before. As time goes by, the upgrade keeps getting much and much better.

Indeed, Google is still strongly dominating the market share of search engines. But, Bing is gradually catching up. Since 2019, it has become the number two search engine. Their users are rising at the cost of Google, narrowing the gap between those two. Surprisingly, many experts even admitted that it now performs better than Google in some aspects.

In 2018 alone, Bing has contributed to 33% of internet searches throughout the USA. Experts believe the number will keep increasing since Microsoft is getting more serious about upgrading its quality. Hence, Bing SEO has a big potential for your website's future.

Even better, Bing also empowers other search engines such as Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Ecoasia, AOL, and MSN. That means, improving your website's SEO on Bing will automatically improve the SEO on those platforms as well. It is like throwing multiple birds using a stone!

Google SEO vs Bing SEO

There are a few differences between Google and Bing in how their algorithm works. Hence, the strategies to apply to boost the SEO on both platforms might be different. Fortunately, there is nothing that is counter-productive with each other. Instead, most strategies will be beneficial for both platforms. Hence, it is possible to maintain your Google SEO while also improving Bing SEO.

It is also worth considering that most user gains on Bing are at the cost of Google. Hence, the potential audience lost on Google can be your potential audience gain from Bing. By covering both SEO, your page can get the optimal traffic. Also, you wouldn't need to worry much about the competition between Google and Bing if you have both platforms well-covered.

Tips for Bing SEO

Now that you have realized how potential Bing is to grow your digital business, you need to start making an effort on how your website will perform on this platform. Here are some of the most recommended tricks to try to boost the SEO on Bing:

  1. Start Soon
  2. The age of the website matters in Bing. The longer it has existed, the more Bing will consider it trustworthy. That is why you better start submitting your web to Bing's Webmasters now rather than later, even if you haven't seen the urgency of it.

    Starting sooner is also more beneficial because there are still not many competitors on the platform now. While Google already had hundreds of billions of web pages indexed on its Webmaster, Bing only has around 8 to 14 billion. Can you imagine how easy it would be to make your pages appear as the top search?

  3. Do Your Indexing Neatly
  4. Similar to Google, Bing bot will also index your website more efficiently on its SERP if you structured your URL well. Therefore, you must organize your categories as neatly as possible for easier crawling. Don't make the structure too deep because it will increase the risk of bounce rate. If you are after international SEO, be sure to use the right domain to prevent errors.

    You can log into Bing's Webmasters to your website using the XML sitemap. But if you do things correctly, you might not even need to do anything to get your pages crawled. Bing bots regularly find new content to crawl to enrich their index and rank them on their result page.

  5. Metadata
  6. The usage of tags and metadata on Bing has a stronger impact on SEO than it is on Google. Hence, make sure to write down your tags and meta description strategically. You can consider hiring a professional to write them for more optimal results.

    It is also important to know which kinds of metadata work on Bing and which don't. For example, Bing doesn't take any meta keyword tags, which is the same case with Google. You need to focus on other kinds of metadata such as meta title, meta description, alt text, robot txt, and such things. The more accurate your tags, the more accurate Bing will index your page.

  7. Be Wise with Keywords
  8. While Google has a more flexible algorithm to detect keywords, Bing is more strict about it. If you search a keyword on the search engine, you can see the top results have the exact keyword you typed on the search box. That being said, you need to choose and place your keywords right to get your pages to perform optimally on Bing.

    Use your exact keywords on strategic texts such as meta description, URL, and headings. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for your page to appear as the top result. Take the long-tail keywords to be more specific about your content. But, be careful not to overuse keywords throughout all of your content. Spamming your page and metafiles with keywords will make your rank flops instead.

  9. Manage Your Backlink Well
  10. Backlinking quantity matters, so make sure to have some of them on your pages to convince the search engine to trust your website even more. Bing mostly trusts websites with domains like *.gov, *.edu, and *.org as backlinks. You can also rely on other websites that have been around the internet for longer times than yours.

    If the authoritative sites you back-linked to haven't been registered on Bing's Webmasters, you need to register them manually to make them more trustworthy. Otherwise, they won't bring many benefits to your page. This simple trick is pretty effective to increase your rank in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

  11. Go Big with Your Content
  12. Being a newly-developed search engine, Bing loves new content. Regularly posting new content will make Bing update their indexing of your websites regularly as well. However, you must pay attention to the quality as it plays a big part in how your rank will go.

    Your content must be fresh and original. Don't use filler words to prolong the article because you need your audience to enjoy reading it. A language filter will also determine the relevancy of your content, keywords, and tags. Similar to other search engines, abusing keywords and tags will make your page detected as spam and get it delisted from the SERP.

    Due to its importance, it might be a good idea to hire a writer to make sure your website has something new to upload now and then. The more consistent your website in posting new high-quality content, the more Bing will love to rank it up.

  13. Length Matters
  14. Another crucial difference between Google and Bing is the length of the content. While short articles can work well on Google, they might not perform well on Bing. This search engine demands your content to be comprehensive and informative.

    The ideal length is between 2,000 to 2,400 words per post, which should cover enough detailed information about a topic. But then again, don't use filler words or ineffective sentences to prolong the content. The conciseness of your content matters a lot to its quality.

  15. Format Your Content Neatly
  16. As mentioned above, Bing loves long content. But, the problem with long content is that it may look boring. A long chain of words would look so plain that people can get tired first before even starting a reading. Hence, you need neat formatting.

    Divide your content into several sections. Give it some subtitles, so your audience knows what information you provide within the page. It also helps people to jump straight to the specific part of the information they want to read. To top it off, you can also use metadata for your subtitle tags to improve the SEO even better.

    Adding bullet points and quotes can also make your page much easier to read and look less monotonous. Another idea is to include some images or videos to add to the dynamic. But then again, as long as your content has a neatly arranged format, it can be engaging enough.

  17. Claim Your Bing Places
  18. Bing Places is a feature similar to Google My Business. By having one, your business will perform much better on local search pages. Unfortunately, very few companies have claimed their Bing Places. Hence, you have a huge opportunity here.

    Make sure to provide as much and clear information when listing your Bing Places to make it sound legit. The prominent display can effectively boost your brand awareness to local audiences. And since the board also contains a link to your website, chances are it will also increase the traffic to your website.

  19. Maintain Your Social Media
  20. Microsoft-owned search has made it crystal clear that social signals have a significant impact on your SEO. Social signals include all the interaction and engagement gained from the link of your page that people share on social media. It can be likes, comments, and visits. Besides improving how your page ranked on Bing, social signals will also improve trust and awareness of your brand.

    The higher you rank on social media search engines, the higher you will rank on Bing as well. If you haven't paid much attention to how you manage your social media accounts, now is the time to start. Even so, Bing only takes organic interactions. Buying likes and fake followers will not be helpful at all to your internet marketing strategies.

  21. Pay Attention to the Aesthetical Aspect
  22. Besides being trustworthy and useful, your page also needs to look pleasant and neatly arranged. This aspect might not be significant for Google SEO. But with Bing, your page can rank higher if well-presented. The easiest way to improve the site's appearance is by featuring more images and videos. Design your pages aesthetically will also do wonders if it also improves the functionality of your website.

    Implementing SEO on your website might take a lot of effort. On top of that, it will also need time before you get to see the results. There is no such thing as an immediate impact when it comes to SEO, either it is on Google or Bing.

    Even so, you still must do your evaluation regularly. You will notice that your rank will gradually increase. It will get better over time, especially if you are being consistent about maintaining your website. As Bing gets even stronger, your website will grow stronger as well.