10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021
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Digital marketing is an ever-changing field, so every marketeer or business owner has to adapt to the changes time brings. One major change happening in 2021 is the Core Web Vitals taking over SEO. But there are many changes happening all the time and if you want to stay at the top of the search engine page results, you must adapt your digital marketing strategies to the current trends.

To help you out with that, here we bring you to the top 10 digital marketing strategies for 2021. Make sure you use (at least) some of them!

  1. Features Snippets

  2. Every marketeer or website owner strives to rank their website on the first position of the search engine results page. Well, now, things change a bit and everyone will try to achieve the “zero” position on SERP.

    The “zero” position is taken by the featured snippets. They are separated from the other results in a box and usually feature a bullet list focusing on matching the keyword phrases the user searched for. For example, if a user searched for “How to do a full-body detox?”, the snippet would feature a bulleted list of how to do that.

  3. Ad-Blocker Blockers

  4. Ad-blockers are loved by users but hated by web pages so, you need to find a way to deal with that. Since it’s estimated that ¼ of users will use ad-blockers in 2021, you need to make sure nothing interferes with your ads as they are the main source of driving traffic to your website.

    To take care of this, look at your analytics and ad data to see what’s the problem with your ads. Then, depending on your audience, decide where you will post your ads to reduce the use of ad-blockers. You can also consider replacing Google Ads with influencers or sponsored content.

  5. Optimize Images and Videos

    • Use high-quality and HD images and videos
    • Add alt-text in image descriptions
    • Add your target SEO keywords in the image file name
    • Add images to the sitemap or create a special image sitemap
  6. Using alt-text for optimizing images has been around for some time. But, this year, you can go a step further and optimize all your images and videos for visual search. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  7. Optimize for Voice Search

  8. Apart from optimizing your images and videos, you should also optimize their content for voice search. It’s because users have used their voice-enabled devices more since the start of the pandemics and during the lock-downs.

    To optimize for voice search, you need to focus on longer-tail keywords that match the way users ask questions or statements when searching for something online.

  9. Create Interactive Content

  10. Using interactive content like quizzes, polls, giveaways, and similar can work magic for your business. It’s because users like being engaged and see more than words (as in articles or social media posts). In fact, they enjoy this type of content because they get to share their opinion and be heard and feel more connected to the brand. And, for the brand, interactive content means greater user retention and user experience.

  11. Casual Social Videos

  12. In the past few years, more and more businesses started created social videos where the owner or the staff create casual social videos talking about their business, how they spend their leisure time, and even take videos of their parties. Likewise, some businesses, especially e-commerce ones, use videos to present their products and show how they are used in real life (usually making a fun presentation). Well, this trend is becoming even bigger in 2021, with TikTok and Instagram being the two most used platforms.

  13. Local SEO

  14. Local SEO seems to take a big swing in 2021. In a way, it’s more powerful than international SEO for businesses who have physical locations or operate locally. To optimize your business for local SEO, you must use Google My Business. To do that, you need to register for Google My Business and claim your listing or create a new one. Then, use local keywords to rank higher on SERP with the name of your city as a top keyword.

  15. Focus on Selling Directly on Social Media

  16. Online selling and shopping have become much easier since Facebook launched Shops for Facebook and Instagram as well as Instagram shoppable posts. Now businesses can create online stores on their social media business page and sell directly from there. No need for website-based online stores and additional costs on marketing their website. This is especially good for smaller businesses that have a limited budget.

    Buyers, on the other hand, don’t have to waste time googling for online stores that sell products they want to buy since they already follow the Facebook/Instagram pages of the brands they like.

    To make the most of this social e-commerce, make sure your Facebook and Instagram pages look good and the Shops are well-organized with product descriptions and prices per each item sold.

  17. Optimize Your Website for Core Web Vitals

  18. In May 2021, new metrics known as Core Web Vitals take over SEO. They measure page loading time, content stability, and interactivity, the three aspects Google will focus on when ranking pages. Although it will still consider keywords, bounce rate, relevant and quality content, and the rest of the ranking metrics, it will focus more on the Core Web Vital. That’s why you have to make sure your site works perfectly and is user-friendly. The pages must load fast, they delay after users’ action must be very short, and the pages’ must stay consistent while users scroll.

  19. Build Trust

  20. And, last but not least, you must build trust because now, more than ever, users buy from businesses they trust. These businesses sell not only products but also value and, reliability. Those are the businesses that care about their customers, promote what they actually sell, and keep their promises towards their customers. So, make sure you build a strong relationship with your audience and gain their trust.